Museum of the Future

The Story of Museum of the Future Calligraphy with Mattar Bin Lahej

The Museum of the Future, also known as the most beautiful building in the world, is a stunning building that encapsulates human innovation and brilliance. Among the most striking aspects of the museum are its architecture and design. The outer facade was designed by Emirati sculptor and painter Mattar Bin Lahej, who incorporated Arabic calligraphy styles such as Diwani and Thuluth. The verses used are from poems written by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid. 

The Task:
We were tasked with creating a short-form video focused on these design elements of the museum.


The Direction:
We were keen to capture each step of Bin Lahej’s conception, design process, and execution techniques in the video narrative, bringing to life the meanings behind the design, and adding more dimension to the exterior façade that people see. We also wanted to bring out his love of calligraphy, and highlight its cultural significance.

The Process:
We first developed the creative direction of the video, then executed the production from A to Z over a period of 2 days.