e-Commerce platform with a chance to shop, play and win!

Kanzi is a newly-launched customer centric, user-friendly, playful e-commerce platform that offers users a chance to shop and win! The objective was to create a promo-videos for the kick-off campaign of Kanzi in the UAE over Social Media channels.

The Task:
To develop branding videos as part of the kick-off campaign of Kanzi, a shop-to-win app that features a halal lottery.

The Direction:
To create awareness of this new app and appeal to as many of the target segments as possible by featuring them in the videos, went far in creating relatability with the audience.


The Process:
We handled directing, shooting, editing, casting, and catering, as this was a fully in-house produced project.

To further help the audience relate to the brand, and thus develop an emotional bond with it, we addressed the audience directly by saying, “You are the next winner”. The popping colors of the video conveyed a sense of excitement and success. This was quite a fun project for us to work on, and we were up for the challenge of shooting
in Ramadan, while most people were fasting.