El Lido Burgers

Mouthwatering Burgers just few steps away!

Juicy chargrilled burgers, scrumptious potato chips, and more nostalgic eats are made with house recipes.

The Task:
To develop a creative direction that drives our social media, graphic design, content creation, photography, and video production.

El Lido offers more than fast food, it also offers a truly engaging fast-food solution for social gatherings called El Lido Box. This box contains essentials for a perfect barbecue, including meat, bread, condiments, cheese, etc., Additionally, if a customer doesn’t want to barbecue themselves, El Lido Man comes fully equipped with everything needed for the customer’s barbecue event. El Lido is known for its house recipes and decadent desserts that evoke a sense of nostalgia for food from our childhoods.

The Direction:
We wanted to capitalize on El Lido’s fun and loud brand persona, playing on retro themes, while also paying homage to the local pop culture and its nostalgia.


The Process:
To reflect the fun and carefree brand persona, we employed vibrant pop colors, short and snappy captions, and relevant emojis. As for the language, we alternated between English and colloquial Arabic to make the posts more varied and to hit on relevant, timely, and popular Egyptian cultural references. The brand relies heavily on evoking a sense of nostalgia and to that end, we incorporated elements, characters, popular figures, and famous catchphrases, from old Egyptian movies, plays, and songs that are widely known and loved.